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AMPASTASIA is a European artistic couple of the female artists Amparo Latorre Romero & Anastasia Zoi Souliotou.

The group was founded in January 2010 in Zurich, when both artsists collaborated in a video piece entitled ‘NO IDEA, then AMPASTASIA, then…IDEA’ . In this video both artists are kicking a painting in the Underground Shop Ville, Centraal Station, Zurich and are inviting the passers-by to participate.

Both artists have a strong background in Painting and, thus, Painting is the main medium as well as concept in AMPASTASIA projects.

AMPASTASIA performances adress audience practices in the contemporary artistic condition. Communication through/of Art becomes the vehicle towards Art through/of Communication.

Regarding their individual work, Anastasia believes strongly in investigating the interplay of space and time in public transport networks of contemporary metropolises which inspires her to position human figures in multidimensional realities, whilst Ampa’s approach brings our attention back to the human body, the subject that undergoes the entire process and the consequent experience of  psychological impacts and reactions.

Both artists’ point of reference is the human figure, the ‘portal’ to explore either the inner or the outer. By putting together their work they invite viewers to go over the whole area of human being and action. AMPASTASIA practices mirror the human.

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